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Suzuki based viola and violin lessons are for children ages 4 and up.
Adults seeking lesson are always welcome!

Reasons to study Suzuki:

Character– The main purpose for engaging in music through Suzuki is to allow your child to develop a beautiful heart. Learning to play an instrument reaches beyond reading notes and playing pieces. With community, family time, and immersion blending together, children are able to develop a love and respect for themselves, others, and music. 

Community – Learning music with the support of others is easier than going it alone. Group classes and events connect families with similar goals and struggles together. This allows you to have connections for seeking advice, finding practice partners, and maybe even play dates!

Family Time – As Dr. Suzuki said, “Children learn to smile from their parents.” A key component to a child’s success in music comes from adult guidance in lessons and at home. You are an irreplaceable part of your child’s journey, and they will remember the time you set aside to spend with them.

Immersion – A child learns their native language by listening, speaking, reading, writing, and repeating. When music is approached the same way, it becomes another deeply instilled skill for them to use their entire life.

Coming Early 2022

Lessons open to all ages.
Alexander Technique can be integrated into any aspect of life.

Developed by F.M. Alexander, the Alexander Technique is a practice of being aware of how you use yourself in day-to-day life. An awareness that passes much of our notice until we begin to struggle or hurt.

F.M. first noticed this lack of awareness in himself when he began to question why he lost his voice reciting Shakespeare to audiences. Using mirrors, he watched himself recite until he could see that what he thought he was doing, and what he saw in the mirrors, were two different experiences. The positioning he thought was right, was also causing the tension that worked against him when going to speak. As he continued exploring and learning, he could see that many people were working against themselves going through life.

I saw it too, when completing my degrees in music. Pain and repetitive strain injuries are common place among the performing arts. Hoping that there were better ways to perform, and my own shoulder pain, are a couple of reasons why I pursued Alexander Technique.  

Coming Fall of 2022

Discovering music starts at any age.
Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes are for infants to children age 4.

Children have the ability to learn music like they learn language if we allow them the opportunity. Listening, watching, trying, practicing, eventually reading and writing, are as much a part of music making as communicating with words. 

These musical group classes support starting music discoveries as early as possible in a social setting.