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  • Alexander Technique Lessons
  • Early Childhood Classes

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2021 Spring Slots Available!

Viola and violin lessons are available for children ages 4 and up, and adults of all ages. 
Lessons can be completed in person, on Zoom, or a hybrid mix of in person and Zoom. 

Reasons to study Suzuki:

Immersion – A child learns their native language by listening, speaking, reading, writing, and repeating. When music is approached the same way, it becomes another deeply instilled skill for them to use their entire life.

Family Involvement – As Dr. Suzuki said, “Children learn to smile from their parents.” A key component to a child’s success in music comes from involvement at home. You are an irreplaceable part of your child’s journey, and they will remember all of the time you set aside to spend with them.

Community – Why learn a musical instrument all alone when you can have support? Group events for students to be able to make friends and music together. Families with tips and tricks for practice struggles to help you, and for you to help them.

Character – With immersion, family involvement, and community all coming together, children are able to develop a love for themselves, others, and music.  They also develop responsibility, leadership, team work, perseverance, problem solving, and much more.

Coming Summer 2021

In the meantime, you may reach out about helping me complete my 3rd year supervised teaching requirements. Some free lessons for you, and more teaching experience for me!
Using enough, rather than pushing through.  

As F.M Alexander was exploring his loss of voice when trying to present Shakespeare, he discovered that how he prepared to speak vs. what he needed to speak were two different experiences. How he had been preparing to speak was actually adding too much tension to his vocal cords, and causing him to lose his voice rather than to project with ease. As he continued exploring this discovery, he began to realize that this excessive tension was not uncommon.   People everywhere seemed to be pulling and pushing on themselves as they went through their day, and many had little awareness of it. 

When we lose awareness of what we are doing, because we have become use to it, we often do not know anything is out of sorts until we begin to hurt.  Alexander Technique provides a way for us to rediscover our awareness so that we have a choice on how to complete the tasks we encounter. 

Alexander Technique can be applied to all parts of life, and all kinds of activities. Walking, writing, typing, golfing, horse riding, playing musical instruments and much more…

Coming Fall of 2021

Discovering music starts at any age.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes are group classes for infants to age 4, to introduce music skills hand in hand with other skill development. An adult is expected to always be present with their child during class.