Music & Alexander Technique  

To rent or buy an instrument? 

There is no right or wrong answer, only what arrangement makes you the most comfortable.  With either, the ultimate goal is that you end up with a quality instrument that is the proper size for your child.

Buying a quality instrument (which means no Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and so on) is more expensive upfront, but if well cared for you will only need to cover routine maintenance.  However, if your child is rough on the instrument, you will also need to cover all unexpected repair costs, and may lose value on a trade in when your child is ready for the next size.  There is no cheating on instrument sizes if you do not wish to potentially hurt your child.

Renting with insurance allows the shop to take care of maintenance and damage with no extra costs.  You can also move up to new sizes anytime. Similar to buying vs. renting many items, you may spend more than the cost of an instrument if you rent over a prolonged period of time.  To help with this, many stores will put a percentage of your renting costs towards the future purchase of an instrument.  Make sure you see it in the contract that you sign!

When your ready, try these stores to help you secure an instrument:

Johnson String Instrument 

Shar Music

Need some fresh practice ideas and extra support?

Start with some of these options below:

Practice Charts - One of many sites with charts ready to print!

Suzuki Association of the Americas - Parents as Partners series and various articles. 

The Suzuki Experience - A well organized blog by a Suzuki parent! Lots of additional resources to dig into. 

Suzuki Triangle - An active Suzuki teacher with frequent parent class offerings, books, and blogs. 

Aids, tuners, metronomes, games....

The Metronome by Soundbrenner - Free metronome app

insTuner - Free tuner app

TonalEnergy - Tuner, metronome, and a fun smiley face when you tune well. $3-4

Amazing Slow Downer - Adjusts speed and pitch of mp3 tracks for easy play along at home. $10-15

Music Mind Games - A creative system for learning musical concepts. Free - $100+

Explore new places and make new friends while playing music.

Camps will be a mix of online and in-person offerings summer 2021. 

Massachusetts Suzuki Festival Online - March 6-7

Suzuki Summer Institutes - Find all North America listings here.